Shailene Woodley has grown into her own in more ways than one!

While promoting Insurgent over the weekend, Theo James joked about how he's seen his co-star grow since they first worked together for 2014's Divergent. Making suggestive hand gestures, James told E! News, "Rack!" On a more serious note, the British actor admitted, "Have I seen her grow? I mean, yeah."

According to James, 30, the actress, 23, "has changed a lot, in a good way. When I very first met her, I was kind of newbie. She had just come from doing Spectacular Now. I feel like she has really grown into a woman since then, and it's not actually that long of a period of time. It's a couple of years, even less."

In Insurgent, in theaters March 20, the actors' characters have their first sex scene.

"There's a director's cut as well," James joked.

To prepare for the scene, he told E! News, "Sometimes booze helps if it's really hard-core. With this, it's OK, because at the end of the day it's going to be PG-13. Sometimes the most awkward thing is [when] you're shooting and you're doing something, and then something has to be tweaked, so you can't move, but you're right there. So you're like, 'What's up?' And you're completely naked, covered in sweat."

Woodley, who has lost her virginity in multiple movies, was less worried about the logistics.

"I don't know if it's necessarily confidence as much as just like we all have bodies under these clothes," she said. "I guess I'm very European in that way. Sexuality is a very normal part of life and the more we suppress that normalcy, I think the more we seek it in ways that don't actually fulfill our sexual needs."

For Woodley, getting comfortable "just depends" on the people involved. "It depends on the person that you're interacting with and it depends on the director," the Fault in Our Stars actress told E! News. "The director creates a very safe environment where he's like only the keys need to be in that room. There are only maybe four people in there with you. And then if you're working with an actor who is a gentleman—or a gentlewoman, depending on the scene—then it's a very sort of technical experience." Luckily, Woodley said, "Theo is a gentleman...It was like we were doing any other scene, in a way."

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