The Walking Dead, Carol's Cookies, Melissa McBride

Gene Page/AMC

Empire isn't the only show with a famous cookie anymore.

 In order to blend in with the Alexandrians on The Walking Dead, Carol (Melissa McBride) has turned into Suzy Homemaker, busting out batches of chocolate chip cookies and pretending she isn't a total badass when it comes to guns. 

And guess what? Her cookies are so good they ended up saving her life, as she was able to convince a little boy not to tell his mother that he saw Carol sneak into the armory. Also, she threatened to feed him to "monsters." But COOKIES!

AMC wisely decided to share the deliciousness that is Carol's life-saving cookies with the world, posting the exact recipe on their official site. 

The Walking Dead, Carol's Cookies


Our totally non-professional take on Carol's cookies?

Looking at her recipe, we definitely like the addition of applesauce, used as a healthy sub for butter and eggs, which are apparently hard to come by in Alexandria. Plus, it adds more moisture to the cookie. (Though the use of shortening kind of negates the whole swap thing. Just sayin'.)

However, we prefer to use chocolate chips rather than chop up our own chocolate bar, but we are just lazier than Carol. And we do have access to more than just 1/4 chocolate bar. So spoiled, we know.

So make this recipe. And you'll get cookies. Lots of cookies. And compliments.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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