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Break out the sweatpants 'cause you're about to binge on some seriously good scoop, couch potatoes!

It's the most wonderful time of the week TV fans: Spoiler Chat time! In today's column, we've got inside details on Scandal's upcoming backstory episodes, Christina Aguilera's Nashville debut and a new family member visiting the Big Bang gang. Plus, we've also got scoop on The 100's insane season two finale, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Homeland.

So dig in, we won't judge...

Neena: Anything on Kalinda?
Her swan song continues on The Good Wife. And those theories (yes, we have them too) about her exit? Robert and Michelle King aren't reading them. "We didn't want to be that influenced by. We had a goal at the beginning of the year and we're at least sticking with that goal," Robert King tells us. "I have a feeling some will be right."

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Jeanette: Give up the Scandal goods!
The "monster" is taking center stage. "I just finished shooting an episode that I was crazy grateful for, that was very Cyrus-centric, and it takes my character through all sorts of time periods in my life," Jeff Perry teases. And yes, it is the episode featuring the return of Dan Bucatinsky as James (RIP!). Warning: Perry says the episode will probably make fans cry.

Shane: Loving Abby this season on Scandal! What's coming up for my favorite redhead?
You know what they say about secrets not being fun unless you share with everyone? "You get to find out a lot more about Abby in the next two episodes," Darby Stanchfield previews. "There's some more personal storyline that comes from surprisingly leaked out. It's going to be fun." Oh snap, a leak?! 

Danny: I'll take anything you've got on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. please!
Did you see this super spoilery exclusive clip from tonight's episode? This video has more info packed into it than you realize. Lady Sif is going to open the door to a lot of Inhumans knowledge, and she's the catalyst that will force Skye to "come out" to her S.H.I.E.L.D. family as an Inhuman. But since Lady Sif is not so down with Inhumans, there's going to be quite a problem between her and Coulson's team...

David Bloomer/Showtime

Sam: Is Homeland really going to be different next season?
Oh yes it is! In addition to jumping ahead a few years and Carrie cutting ties with the CIA (and possibly working with German intelligence, as the showrunners told us), it sounds like we're about to meet some new faces on the Showtime hit series. "We have started figuring out the first couple of episodes. We know where we're going to be located and we're creating new characters," executive producer Meredith Stiehm says. "There's going to be a couple years' time jump, so we're going to find Carrie and all of them in a new time and place."

Mary: Got any scoop on Christina Aguilera's arc on Nashville?
Aguilera's Jade—a pop star who wants to transition over to the country charts—is not going to have an easy go of it on Nashville…and it's all thanks to one Juliette Barnes. Surprise, surprise, right? Expect the southern superstar to give a smack down of the ages to country newcomer Jade, one that leaves the pop star crying! But her tears will dry quickly thanks to Luke Wheeler. Do we spy a new romance brewing? Oh yes, we do!

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Lindsay: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! I finished already. Help me.
Girl, we feel you too. But there's already a second season in the works! And the cast is already looking forward to getting extra weird on Netflix without those network restrictions (you will recall the show was made for NBC before it made the jump to the streaming giant). "I can't wait to see what they do," Jane Krakowski tells us. But, don't expect too much tonal change.  "We're not suddenly going to be having orgies and stuff—although I will be working out a lot before we come back! [Laughs.] But I think some of the sense of humor may have had to fit in the restrictions of network television. I greatly anticipate how far they will be able to go now that we are in the world of Netflix," she says.

Beth S. : You never give us any scoop on The Big Bang Theory! What gives?!
Let us make it up to you with this nugget: we're going to meet Wolowitz's handsome and athletic half-brother Mark soon! He's super sweet and innocent and everyone is going to love him. Dream cast away!


Jac: Anything on Girls?
Elijah + Hannah's dad Tad, who recently admitted he was gay = best new duo ever. (No, not in a romantic way.)

Isabella: any news on the season finale of #The100?
We've seen the final hour of season two (not trying to brag...okay, we're bragging a little bit) and while the season one finale's final moments opened a door to the world of The 100's future (aka the Mountain Men and their season-long arc), this year's big reveal will actually open a door to the past. Make of that what you will! Plus, be sure to check back here after the finale airs for scoop on what to expect from season three of the CW hit show!

Karina: Chasing Life is just so good. I need some scoop!
One of the sisters is getting a new love interest! OK, fine it's Brenna, who becomes the object of the only other lesbian at school's affection. Expect to see Erika stick around for a while. 

Michael Parmelee/NBC

Emily: Anything on SVU?
You may recall Detective Carisi (Peter Scanavino) is also a law student. Will he ever finish? And if so, will he hop over to the Law side of Law and Order: SVU? "I was thinking about that too, ‘cause it's like, ‘Huh, how long does it take to finish law school?'" Scanavino tells us. "I think he will, but I hope he's like, ‘I really love being a detective now.'"

Josh: Seriously Suits?! I CANNOT stop thinking about that finale. I need details on next season like yesterday!
Sadly, we do not have a time machine to get you back to yesterday, but we can give you a teaser for the show's return: Harvey is going to therapy. And fans can expect to see his therapist play a major role in his life throughout the season.

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