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Eight really is great.

How are we feeling today, shippers? We're not tired, right? Good, because it's time for the next round of 2015's TV's Top Couple Tournament, and we have just eight couples left in the running.

Some of the casualties in the Sweet 16? The Vampire Diaries' Damon and Elena, Once Upon a Time's Belle and Rumple, and Castle's Castle and Beckett. Hey, we warned you the competition would be fierce! Moment of silence for the fallen, y'all.

Now, roll up your sleeves, grab some snacks and apologize to your chair for the indent you are about to make it in it because it's time to vote in the next round!

CLICK: We're ranking the 64 contenders by how many votes they get!

Voting in the Elite 8 closes on Wednesday, March 11 at 5 p.m. PT, which means the next 48 hours of your life will be dedicated to your favorite couple aka the best 48 hours of your life. But make sure to get in as many votes as you can, and as often as you like, as the Final 4 round will kick off on Thursday!

And, as always, make sure to use the #TopTVCouple hashtag on Twitter to make sure your respective fanbase knows to get in on the tourney fun. Steering a 'ship just isn't as fun when you are doing it on your own, right? 

(Be sure to follow @kristindsantos for updates on Twitter and Facebook.)

To see how your favorite couple fared in the tourney, check out our updated ranking of the 64 couples that made it into 2015's TV's Top Couple competition below, which we are updating after each round closes!

The polls are now closed. Check back tomorrow to find out who made it to the next round!

CLICK: Check out the official ranking of the 64 contenders, which will be updated as the tourney goes along!

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