Kristin Cavallari loves Jay Cutler in so many ways.

He's a great father to two adorable boys, a supportive husband and even quite the football stud. Anybody heard of Da Bears?!

But on Monday's all-new Meredith Vieira Show, Cavallari admits that she's not sure she would absolutely love her kids following daddy's footsteps in the sports world.

"I don't know if I have a lot of control over that," she told Meredith Vieira. "I think it's difficult when the father of your boys plays football to say that you can't do that, but we'll see."

She added, "I'll try to steer them in more a baseball direction or tennis is great, even golf. They are way too young right now."

Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler

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Young and full of energy! At just two and nine-months-old, the couple's two kids keep mom and dad busy. So busy that on one evening, Cutler frantically texted his wife in hopes that she would get home faster to help out around the house.

"Need u home asap. All hell has broken loose," he texted to his wife. "Jax is in his crib. Cam refuses to eat. I'm about to leave."

While The Hills alumna admitted to getting some heat by Twitter followers for posting the convo, Cavallari assures fans it was all in good fun.

"I thought it was hilarious because any parent can relate to that. I know I have been in those positions before, ‘Just get home people,'" she said. "I just thought it was hilarious and I actually asked him if I could post it." And for the record, they were reunited and all was well. 

Besides, life is only getting busier in the Cavallari-Cutler household. Just this past month, the family welcomed a brand new puppy into the mix.

If anyone can handle it, it's this pair! 

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