FALL 2018

In Sunday's season finale of Total Divas, the ladies put their lives in the hands of designated driver Rosa Mendes.

"Who wants to drive? I kind of feel like driving," she offers. "And I'm the best driver."

In the deleted scene above, Rosa barely keeps her eyes on the road while using one hand to navigate Key West on her phone. But  when she attempts to park her massive GMC Yukon in front of the bar, it's clear that this Diva doesn't know the rules of the road!

Total Divas, Watch Rosa Fail While Parallel Parking


"Watch this," Rosa boasts as she puts the SUV in reverse. "Perfect."

Uh, not so much. Watch the hilarious clip above where the group gives her a hard time for the three feet that she left between her car and the curb!

Total Divas returns to E! on July 7!

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