Traffic Jam Jimmy just wanted some breakfast.

During a Thursday morning traffic report on FOX affiliate FOX 45 Baltimore, the traffic reporter, whose real name is Jimmy Uhrin, appeared to have a bit of fun with the viewers and colleague Candace Dold.

After she tossed to him from the station's studio, asking him for the latest updates on road conditions, he was then shown sitting in the driver's seat of a car at a McDonald's drive-thru near the snowy city.

"Hey, is it too early to get a fish sandwich?" he is seen saying into the speaker. "Oh, Candace, we live? Whoops. Hey, I've been in the car since 4 o'clock. I am starving. I'm just getting something real quick."

Unfortunately for Uhrin, McDonalds was still serving its regular breakfast menu and its Filet-O-Fish sandwiches and other lunch and dinner items would not be made available until later in the day.

He was cool with that. The broadcast continued showing him at the drive-thru, ordering a breakfast item and a drink.

"I didn't know we were coming live, I'm sorry," he said, joking, "Don't tell the boss I did this."

FOX 45's website later featured a post about his funny morning adventure and a video of it was posted on the station's YouTube page. It has, as you would expect, gone viral and made Uhrin a star.

"I didn't think it was that funny," he said on Friday his Facebook page, where scores of fans have been posting messages for him. "I just wanted a fish sandwich. (I finally got one.)"

FOX 45 General Manager Bill Fanshawe told The Baltimore Sun that no, the video was not meant to be a promotion for McDonalds. He said Uhrin "a very likeable person" who has been a "big personality" at the station for more than 35 years.

"He went back to @McDonalds &brought a bag of fish sandwiches back for us!" Dold tweeted on Friday.

Uhrin has worked at the station for more than 40 years. He used to play Mondee the sea monster on its popular children's series The Captain Chesapeake Show, which aired between 1971 and 1990.

Uhrin sports a neon orange beard in the video. He had dyed it to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis week.

"I'm ecstatic that his personality has translated on air as Traffic Jam Jimmy," Fanshawe told The Baltimore Sun. "He also has a big heart and truly cares about the community."

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