FALL 2018

When Paige went home with her new boyfriend Bradley to meet his mother, she had no idea that she was in for the shock of a lifetime...

While riding in the car to dinner, Bradley's younger sister Nikki drops a bomb on the WWE Diva when she reveals that Bradley was married before!

"I am absolutely fuming right now," Paige reveals to the camera. "But I don't want his mom and sister to think I'm a bad person if I reach over and punch him right now."

Total Divas, Paige Finds Out Ugly Truth About BF Bradley

When they get back to the house, Paige pulls Bradley aside to talk and is shocked when he drops yet another bomb on her!

"Maybe I'm just not ready to move in together," he says.

Watch the above clip to see Paige's reaction to her boyfriend's shocking secret and tune-in to tonight's season finale of Total Divas to find out if the couple will be able to work things out!

Tune-in for the two-hour season finale of Total Divas tonight at 9/8c on E!

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