Keanu Shutterbug Tries to Avoid Pap Smear

Photog suing Reeves for allegedly hitting him with his car wants to refrain from using the terms "paparazzo" or "paparazzi"; defense objects

By Natalie Finn Oct 10, 2008 10:33 PMTags

The photographer suing Keanu Reeves is playing the name game.

Alison Silva, who has filed a lawsuit against the Matrix star for allegedly bumping into Silva with his Porsche and knocking him to the ground in 2007, filed a motion Tuesday to prohibit Reeves' camp from referring to him in future proceedings as a paparazzo or member of the paparazzi.

Such terminology could cast him in a negative light with the jury, Silva argues, citing in part the blame placed on paparazzi for the death of Princess Diana.

He would prefer to be called a "reporter," "celebrity photographer" or "photojournalist," according to the filing.

The motion left Reeves' camp wondering, What about all the times Silva referred to himself as a paparazzo?

Per documents filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the actor's attorney said that whether he likes it or not, Silva "is a paparazzo and has so proclaimed himself in the media and in this litigation."

Silva won't be covering any serious news or shooting anyone's portrait in the near future, Reeves' motion states. Rather, he'll be "climbing fences or private property to catch a glimpse of his prey and he will be violating the motor vehicle laws to obtain the images he seeks to peddle in the tabloid press and on television."

The kicker: Silva's MySpace page is listed as belonging to "alisonapaparazzo."

A hearing on the dueling motions, including the defense's objection to Silva's claim that he has lost $149,000 in income since his run-in with Reeves, is set for Oct. 17. The case is scheduled to go to trial Oct. 27.

Reeves has denied any wrongdoing, saying that Silva tripped over his own feet.