It's pretty much a given that Fergie is high up on our hot momma radar, but it turns out that hey—she likes to eat too!

E! News caught up with the songstress to get the scoop on her incredible post-baby bounce back and latest Avon fragrance, Outspoken Fresh by Fergie, which hit stores this month.

"It's my third one in the Outspoken line, which is so fun for me," Fergie told E!'s Catt Sadler. "This one, by far, is the most colorful. It's definitely got this blood orange in the top note which is really cool because my dad used to have this blood orange tree in the backyard."

Yummy fragrances aside, Fergie has been fine-tuning a new album and—wait for it—working on her fitness as often as possible. But it wasn't so easy to get back into pop star shape after baby (Fergie shares son Axl Jack with our eternal sexiest man alive, Josh Duhamel).

"I just slowly but surely got back into it. I wanted to make sure that Axl came first, and figuring that out came first. And you know I have it all figured out now, so that's done," she quipped.


Kevin Winter/DCNYRE2015/Getty Images for dcp

The star revealed that getting back into dance class was the turning point for building muscle and toning her figure: "Getting back into that, because it was my old friend cardio—I realized ‘Oh, you really do have to sweat,'" Fergie said. "I can't just kind of hike for a while. I really had to sweat, and it was great."

"Find your local gym and get into different classes," she added. "That makes it exciting [and] you're doing new moves. You don't even realize you're working out it because you're focusing on ‘How do I get this right?' But you're having to control muscles so it's making you sweat. Keep it interesting...I have [do] treadmill, elliptical, bike and dance. I do the bands—I do it all. I have to work out because I love to eat—I had two Double-Doubles last weekend!"

OK—now we're hungry.

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