Eek officially 81/2 months... And he's now 5lbs ?? #34weeks

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Meet Sarah Stage: a 30-year-old Los Angeles-based model, who is currently eight months pregnant with her first child. 

The mama-to-be has been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram, proudly flaunting her belly as she's clad in lingerie. And while we applaud women for showing off their baby bumps, Stage is garnering attention for a different, eyebrow-raising reason. 

Namely, her pregnant belly looks just like ours after eating a slice of pizza. 

Stage's skinny selfies have attracted a flurry of backlash as the model nears her due date and continues to flaunt her barely there bump. 

Excited for baby shower tomorrow ?? ?? #8monthspregnant r

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"I legit look like this right now after eating a bowl of soup," one user wrote while another added, "She needs to feed that baby instead of worrying how to keep her figure." 

"Is this real life?" another commenter questioned before one woman summed up her thoughts with a simple, "WTF." 

While Stage has yet to directly respond to the criticism, the model share one Instagram post last week which is seemingly an attempt to silence her haters. 


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Clearly, she's letting her Instagram speak for herself in response to critics claiming she's unhealthy. 

To be fair, Stage has maintained her figure, in part, by keeping up with her workouts (at least, according to her myriad of exercise Instagrams), and it is true that every woman's body carries a baby differently. 

However, the idea that there is one perfect pregnancy body we should all aspire to is a notion we cannot get behind (besides, aren't there enough unrealistic expectations for women's' bodies when we're not pregnant?!). 

Although many commenters expressed concern over Stage's figure, a number of others applauded the soon-to-be mother and admitted they're jealous of her frame.

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Good morning ?? lil chunker is almost 5 lbs ?? #33weeks tomorrow.. #8months

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"I wish I looked like her when I was pregnant," one woman wrote, while another man commented, tagging his friends in the post, "If my wife looks this good pregnant at 8.5 months I'll be the happiest man alive." (Apparently, no one informed him that it's not his choice.)

According to the Mayo Clinic, "There's no one-size-fits-all approach to pregnancy weight gain. How much weight you need to gain depends on various factors, including your pre-pregnancy weight and body mass index (BMI)." 

Per the pregnancy weight gain chart on their website, women who are underweight (a BMI under 18.5) should gain between 28 to 40 pounds while a woman who is considered obese (a BMI of 30 or more) should gain 11 to 20 pounds.

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