Buying a wedding dress is probably one of the most exciting moments in a woman's life, so naturally she would want her best friend with her! But Tiffany Rinehart thought she would have to make the purchase with her family without BFF Kathy Griffin by her side.

Little did she know, the Fashion Police host would be playing a massive trick on her during her appearance on the premiere of Say Yes to the Dress. Kathy wanted to keep her appearance a surprise from Tiffany, which could be difficult because, as the comedienne says in the clip, "She's a tough cookie to surprise." But the Life on the D List star figured out the perfect idea: Dress up like a mannequin!

"I'm far too famous to be in a bridal gown trying to fool my assistant," Griffin jokes. "I'm back on the D-list."

Of course, that doesn't stop her from following through with her plan, though she does have thoughts about getting back into a bridal gown all over again even though she loves the ones she chooses.

"I'm a bitter divorcee," she jokes. "Other than that I love it."

Although she is a "bitter divorcee," she isn't totally against the institution of marriage...just unions between a man and a woman LOL!

"Heterosexual marriage is a complete waste of time," she says. "I'm pro only gay marriage. The gays should have at it!"

But she's obviously willing to overlook her staunch opinions for her best friend, who couldn't have been any happier to discover her best friend was in the Kleinfeld suite with her the entire time. Both women start crying as Kathy exclaims, "I would never miss it!"

Because it is Tiffany's day, Kathy decides to change out of her dress so she can give her full attention to her BFF, but that doesn't mean she's going to not have her comments!

Watch the clips above to see Kathy Griffin's prank play out and see what suggestions she has for her friend!

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