Great birthday ? and I'm not fat it's the angle

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

The humblebrag is not a new phenomenon. In fact, people have probably been saying things like "The hardest part about flying first class is I can't stop eating the free nuts!" or "So jealous of people who can walk down the street and not get hit on!" since the dawn of time. 

And there's no better forum for the display of the humblebrag than Instagram. Where else can you post a picture of your Louboutins with the caption "My feet are killing me! Brand new heels were a bad decision today" or upload a shot of your beach cabana and lament "So sunburned, I've got to remember sunscreen SMH"?

But, apparently, Justin Bieber has forgotten how the humblebrag works. 

Last night, the star posted the above photo of a pool- (and beach-) side vantage point, with the caption "Great birthday and I'm not fat it's the angle." 

Justin, Justin, Justin. Didn't you think we might catch on? Do you really think you're the first person who has Instagrammed a picture in which they call themselves fat, when in fact they are actually in very good shape, just to call attention to said very good shape? But see, you're actually doing it wrong—you should have gone with something like "Gotta get back to the gym." That would acheive the two-for-one humblebrag and fishing for compliments! 

For months now we incorrectly thought Bieber to be Chief Instagram Humblebragger, with captions like "#nowherebutup" alongside an image of the steering wheel of your Rolls Royce. Or that shot of you naked with nothing but a threadbare towel covering your nether regions accompanied by "Photoshop lol." But we see that you've lost your way. 

We can forgive you for this one instance of ill-conceived humblebrag, so long as you get back on the righteous path and go back to posting things like this: 

Haha saw this driving by pretty sick

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

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