When Adam Sandler was fired from Saturday Night Live in 1995 he handled it like a gentleman with grace and dignity. He didn't freak out or get angry, he just went off and moved on to bigger and better things, but still would stop by other NBC shows when asked.

"You were so nice about it," Conan O'Brien told him during Thursday's episode of Conan. "You would come on and do my show in the early early days when hardly anybody else would do the show, but it was maybe strange with you and NBC at the time."

Cue Sandler's explanation of why he continued to appear on Conan's former show, Late Night, despite having been fired! Although he loved working with the redheaded host, he did admit to being somewhat confused when the network continued to ask him to appear on it for Sweeps Week.

"I thought they don't like me. They fired me," Sandler said to his manager way back when. 

Adam Sandler, Conan


But before he accepted the opportunity, Sandler explained that he wanted to take a "big stand" because he was "young and angry." His demands, however, didn't include getting his job back or asking for money. Instead he asked for something that's so '90s that we can hardly handle it.

"You tell I will do Conan's show, but they have to buy me a fax machine," he recalled.


Adam Sandler demanded a fax machine, and bonus...they bought him one! It doesn't get any more '90s than that. Of course, Conan couldn't help but crack up and question his unusual demand. It turns out a week before his brother had revealed to him that they cost around $400, which was a little steep for the Happy Gilmore star.

"Whoa, let's wait on that, but eventually I want to get one of them fax machines," he said. "Then this came along and I was like, 'There it is, baby.'"

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