Mark-Paul Gosselaar


Mark-Paul Gosselaar is in the best shape of his life!

Two weeks ago, the Franklin & Bash actor and animator Ben Ceccarelli announced they are teaming up for CrossFit's "#pairpower competition." The best buds posed completely nude—and upside down!—to let their Twitter and Instagram followers know. "Some would say we've already won," Gosselaar joked. The actor has shown his bare butt on Franklin & Bash and Weeds, so his latest display of nudity isn't all that shocking.

Gosselaar and Ceccarelli named themselves, appropriately, "Team Cocky."

Since then, they've been making the most of their workouts at CrossFit Horsepower in Studio City, Calif.

Gosselaar has been into CrossFit for years, and in 2013, he even mentioned it in reference to his Saved by the Bell character, Zack Morris. Made Man's Paul F. Tompkins presented him with a theoretical situation, saying, "Slater gets really into CrossFit, which Zack dismisses as a stupid jock cult. Zack talks big at the start, but when the workouts begin, Zack realizes he can't even keep up with [Jessie and Kelly]. What does he do?"

At first, Gosselaar laughed and said, "I do CrossFit! I do CrossFit! But I'm Zack now."

On Wednesday, CrossFit Horsepower Dan Wells posted an Instagram picture from inside the fitness center—and Gosselaar made a shirtless cameo! "Post workout recovery at @crossfithorsepower, fueled by @sfh. Thanks for the package @mattysfh! Nice #photobomb @mpgosselaar  @mallorypettas @ms_daniellelee #sfh #livinsfh #crossfithorsepower #crossfit #gym," he wrote. Gosselaar tweeted a link to the photo and added, "Spot the monkey."

Mark-Paul Gosselaar


Then, the actor explained how Bayside High's most mischievous student would handle that situation.

"That's OK. Zack was never better than Slater. He wasn't even as good as the girls. But the girls would help him, so now he's got the girls around him," Gosselaar said. "How do you clean? How do you clean and jerk? Stick with me! How do you snatch? Right? So Zack would ask the girls, 'How do you snatch?' They would teach him, so now he's got all the girls around him teaching him how to snatch. Brilliant!"

When Gosselaar isn't working on his fitness, he's at home helping wife Catriona McGinn take care of their 2-week-old daughter, Lachlyn. They also have a son, Dekker, and Gosselaar has two children from his previous marriage to Lisa Ann Russell. As the actor tweeted on Feb. 18, "2 boys, 2 girls, too perfect!"

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