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The dreaded daylight savings is fast approaching. Aren't Monday mornings tough enough?

Still, there's no need to lose sleep with this spring's time jump. To help recover those precious 60 minutes sacrificed to the sun cycle, we tapped our E! Style Collective members to provide tips on how to cut primping time with these beauty hacks.

The shortcut: Carry a comb. While in the shower, comb conditioned hair with a wide-tooth comb to keep from having to hack away at tangles after you exit the stall.
Time saved: Three minutes

The shortcut: Keep it wrapped. Cut your blow-dry time by wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel once out of the shower. Keep it wrapped for about 15 minutes (while you mine for that left shoe or grab a quick breakfast). By the time you circle back around to the bathroom, your drying time will be slashed in half.
Time Saved: Seven minutes

The shortcut: Style ahead. Want to wake up with hair already styled? "Wash your hair the night before and blowout just the hairline," said E! Style Collective Member Marc Mena, who styles hair for celebrities like Olivia Munn and Tina Fey. "Braid the rest of the hair while the hair is still damp. In the morning, release the braids for soft waves that look polished.
Time saved: 12 minutes

The shortcut: Invest in skin-care-meets-makeup hybrids. To nourish your skin and even tone, reach for multitasking products spiked with hydrating and anti-aging ingredients. Use a BB or CC instead of moisturizer, foundation and SPF; try a hydrating, coconut-based lip and cheek stain; or invest in a foundation that doubles as a serum to cut your skin care and makeup routines in half.
Time saved: Seven minutes

The shortcut: Apply makeup to your tools, not your face. Before curling your eyelashes, apply a swipe or two of eyeliner to the rubberized rim of the curler. "This actually places eyeliner right on the lashline when you curl your lashes. Plus it delivers a super precise line," notes E! Style Collective member and celebrity makeup artist Ashley Rebecca, who creates looks for celebrities like Sarah Wynter and Jemima Kirke.
Time saved: Five minutes

The shortcut: Quick cleanse. Rather than suds-ing up (and risk dousing your shirt and elbows), cleanse your skin with micellar water and a cotton pad—it'll work to cleanse the skin, while toning and prime your face for makeup.
Time Saved: Three minutes

The shortcut: Sponge paint. When applying foundation, use a damp beautyblender sponge. "This tool is amazing because it applies and blends makeup at the same time to make concealer and foundation look ultra-smooth," Ashley said.
Time Saved: Five minutes

The shortcut: Start with the eyes. Though it may not be instinctive, apply eyeshadow first, before foundation, our makeup pro suggested. "That way, if shadow, brow powder, or liner falls on the skin, you can clean it up without ruining (and having to re-do) your base makeup."
Time saved: Three minutes

The shortcut: Save time with a statement lip. Reconsider your stop home after work. "A blowout or chignon can be instantly glamourized by adding a pop of color to your lip," said Mena. "Instead of having to go home or make a quick stop at a dry bar, adding lipstick can give you a dramatic night look in a matter of seconds."
Time saved: 15 minutes

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