Conan O'Brien: Always doing the Lord's work. 

Taking a break from his daily routine of rescuing kittens from trees and helping old ladies with their groceries, the talk show host is now using his powers of good to educate viewers about the mysterious land of Cuba. Somehow, O'Brien and his team managed to convince the Cuban goverment to let them film an episode in the country, so they traveled south to celebrate the newly-loosened travel restrictions. 

While this was a great opportunity to enlighten Americans about the Cuban way of life, it also gave Conan a reason to wear a leisure suit and dance the salsa. 

In addition to his inspiring footwork, O'Brien also showed off his wide-ranging Spanish skills. He employed such impressive phrases as "Yo soy Conan" and "Mi nombre es Conan." In the video tour, he gives a history lesson on the relation between America and Cuba, shows viewers around the neighborhoods of Havana, and mingles with dozens of locals (and by locals, we mean puppies). It's really an exclusive inside look like never before. 

Be sure to watch the clip all the way through in order to unlock such mysteries as what do they sell in Cuban grocery stores? Riveting, riveting stuff.

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