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This Harvard rejection letter is obviously fake, but damn, we really wish it was legit. Not because we want to laugh at the pain of someone getting turned down by their dream school, but because we would seek this applicant down so we could shake her hand. And hug her. And then give her a chest bump. And then slap her butt.  It would be the beginning of a beautiful but uncomfortable friendship.

The below photo of a rejection letter from Harvard College has been making the rounds on the Internet for the past 24 hours, and it basically details how a student named Molly McGaan applied for enrollment. Again, Molly herself confirmed this was fake and was actually for the comedy magazine she writes at her high school, but we still love the idea of someone starting their admissions essay with "Listen here u little skanks."

Harvard Rejection Letter


Other highlights from the faux rejection letter:

• She apparently bragged about her proficiency in "dank memes" and "$wagg moneyyyy"
• She sent a copy of her mixed tape that they're pretty sure was just "40 minutes of you making animals noises"
• They will be returning the copy of Grownups 2 signed by Chancellor Angela Merkel, which she called her "greatest possession."
• Recommendation letters came from her "#4 side ho Derek" and "Chief Keef," who actually just submitted a picture of a dinosaur drawn in crayon on a rolling paper
• And finally, she ended her admissions essay with "McGaan out *drops mic*"

As for the real Molly, she tweeted that she actually did apply to Harvard and now she's afraid they won't accept her because she's gone viral:

Personally, we think she stands more of a chance with Harvard now. We salute you, Molly. Good luck in college, ya li'l scamp. 

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