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What is it with Jared Leto's long locks that had people up in arms over his recent cut? Well, it happened, and he simply re-emerged as the same heartthrob we first fell in love with from My So-Called Life.

The actor isn't the only one with a covet-worthy cut. We can't forget about other hair trendsetters like David Beckham, Adam Levine and Brad Pitt, whose styles all have an edge—literally.

But man cannot live on one style alone. Luckily this year, there are a few awesome trends for all hair types in our midst.

Men Hair Trends, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Adam Levine

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The above mentioned Pitt, Beckham and Levine have all wowed us with their slick, tapered fades. Even with its short sides, these are styles worth running hands through. 

These pompadorian styles are best for men who want to accentuate their bone structures with an effortless look. This is not your at-home haircut, however, and will take the precision of an experienced stylist or barber with a keen eye for detail.

Known for being a great wash-and-wear style, throwing a little product in it can only enhance the style to give it that serious slick.

Men Hair Trends, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris Evans

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Tight lines aren't the only styles blowing our minds right now; longer sides also hold merit. And with beards still holding ground, this look allows for a great transition from head to face, no matter your length of choice.

For great examples of this haircut, we can turn to the Chrises: Chris Pratt, Chris Pine and Chris Evans all give us a party on top while their side burns blend into their beards.

This look is great for adding length and height to shorter or rounded faces while helping to widen slimmer visages.

Men Hair Trends, Danny Masterson, Andy Samberg, Matthew McConaughey

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We can't forget the curly-haired dudes like Danny Masterson, Andy Samberg or Matthew McConaughey.

Having luscious ringlets is great for those who want to skip a day or two of washing their hair. Forgoing a wash for a few days allows for natural oils to permeate throughout your locks to minimize frizzy, out-of-control style. Another great way to define curls is by adding in pomade or hair serum when your hair is wet for an effortless way to style.

The great thing about men's hair trends these days is that there are no set rules. Just like their female counterparts, it's more about wearing any style with confidence.

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