Usually when a commercial is preceded by a twerking warning, you'll immediately want to click away. But we promise you, this ad will be so much more than twerking plastic dolls.

You may remember being introduced to the Lammily dolls back in November, which are essentially "normal Barbies" that have more realistic body proportions and come with acne, cellulite, zit and stretch mark stickers. Artist Nickolay Lamm launched a successful Kickstarter to get these toys in production, and now we have a commercial for the Lammily dolls!

The message of the ad is all about embracing your flaws and it hopefully will teach young girls that even though you are bombarded daily with Photoshopped women and seemingly perfect models, nobody is perfect.

"I feel like a lot of toys are all about fantasy, like we as adults, we love that as well," Nickolay told E! News about manufacturing the dolls. "Reality is cool; after all, it's all we have. Why not we appreciate it more? Even though it's not perfect, it's still beautiful."

The Lammily dolls is available for purchase for $25, while the sticker pack needed to add perfect flaws is just $7 extra.

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