Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Smoked Out Their Sony Offices and Now Amy Pascal Can't Move In

The place is up in smoke...literally

By Seija Rankin Mar 04, 2015 6:08 PMTags
Evan Goldberg, Seth RogenSteve Jennings/Getty Images

UPDATE: Seth Rogen disputes The Hollywood Reporter story; the mag says it stands by its reporting.


Well, no one can accuse Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg of not having enough fun.

The writing partners—and The Interview collaborators—seem to have invited a certain friend over to their offices on the Sony lot a little too much. Their friend named Mary Jane. If you know what we mean (we mean weed). 

Rogen has never been one to shy away from his love of pot, often tweeting and Instagramming telling pictures, or just straight up listing all the people with whom he's smoked. Thus, a new story alleging that he toked up on the job and left a stinky smell in his office may not seem all that surprising to anyone...except apparently Rogen who is disputing the report. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, former Sony co-chair Amy Pascal is set to move into Rogen and Goldberg's old digs on the Sony lot to start her new job as a producer, but the, er, weed stench is putting things on hold. A source claims that the good ol' 420 has seeped into the walls and the carpeting, forcing the space to be repainted before Pascal sets up shop. Although, it's worth pointing out that Pascal's new role as producer could conceivably be bolstered by a few...creative juices.

For his part, Rogen posted on Instagram today claiming that the story is untrue—but, if it were true, he wants people to know that his weed doesn't actually smell.

THR responded to Seth's claim by telling us "The Hollywood Reporter stands by its reporting."

It seems that no one at Sony is actually mad about all the pot smoking, and—whether true or not—it does make for a great story. After all, if Seth and Evan weren't in there taking bong hits, the world would never have seen, well, all of this: 

So for this, and so much more, we thank you, Seth Rogen's smoking habit.