Lisa Rinna, Kim Richards

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sees Teresa Giudice's Real Housewives of New Jersey table flip and raises it Lisa Rinna's Amsterdam flip out.

It happened, people.

While at dinner, Yolanda Hadid decided that the ladies should open up and really share some stories to connect on a deeper level. "I think sometimes we try to hide all these things from each other to pretend we're all perfect," Yolanda said to the ladies.

Yolanda shared the news about Bella's DUI. Lisa Rinna got emotional and revealed her sister died of an overdose when she was younger. "I have deep-rooted issues," she said of addiction. Lisa Rinna then turned to Kim Richards and apologized if she ever came on too strong or gotten into Kim's business. "I only wanted to help," she said. But Kim wasn't having it.

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"I'm concerned about you and your situation at home," she said to Lisa R. Kim also turned her attention on Eileen Davidson when the soap star started coming to Lisa Rinna's defense. "Shut your f—ing mouth, i've had enough of you, you beast," Kim said to Eileen. "Beast? How dare you!" Eileen shouted back, totally slipping into her soap persona.

"Let's talk about the husband," Kim said. "Let's not talk about what you don't want out." But what exactly was Kim talking about? We never found out. Lisa Rinna still doesn't know what Kim claims to have on Harry Hamlin and her home life.

This set Lisa off and she lunged at Kim and attempted to grab her neck. "Don't touch my husband!" she said. "Never go after my f—ing husband!" She threw her glass of wine, including the actual glass, before leaving. Kyle Richards went running and the rest of the ladies stood around in shock and tears.


Michael Larsen/Bravo

The ladies eventually reconvened back at the hotel. Everybody blamed everybody else. But the next morning Kim went to Lisa RInna's room and attempted to hash everything out.

"You having concern for me is fine, but I would've respected you more if you came to me," Kim said to her and explained her point of view on her sobriety and what it means to her family.

"In the midst of it, I could've killed her, but I'm backed off now," Lisa Rinna said. "Let her best friend Brandi help her out now."

Later, the ladies went on a bike ride to see some windmills and visited Yolanda's mom. Eventually they went to a marijuana cafe and all pretended like they'd never smoked pot before. Kyle said she got a contact high. They split a piece of pot cake and left. Not that exciting. But on the walk home, Brandi Glanville had a minor freak out because why not. When in Amsterdam, right? She said the other women get to talk about her all they want, but when she brings up something about them, they freak out.

"The things we say about Brandi are things she's done," Kyle said, noting Brandi often says things that are designed to hurt.

Next week: Brandi slaps Lisa Vanderpump.

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