The Bachelor, Women Tell All


On this Monday's Bachelor finale, we finally get to see who Chris Soules chooses as his "future wife" and resident No. 401 of Arlington, Iowa: Whitney or Becca. But let's be honest: What fans really care most about is who will be the next Bachelorette!

There has been so much craziness, cattiness and confusion among season 19's women that Bachelor fans have become deeeeeply divided about who would make the next best rose-giver. And now producers are faced with some polarizing options.

The Bachelor, Women Tell All


The announcement of who will be the next Bachelorette is expected to go down this Monday, after "After the Rose," and so far, no final decision has been made, E! News has learned. No new Bachelorette has signed on. We also know that three of the final frontrunners are Kaitlyn, Carly and Britt. However, one insider points out that meetings are still happening, and the casting this season is "tricky." ABC never comments on casting rumors.

Here's a fun fact, though: The time for a celebrity Bachelorette could be closer than you think!

In a recent interview with host with the most Chris Harrison, he told me that he believes that the time/contract constraints that have made it impossible to cast any well-known actors or athletes could be changing.

"You know what?" Harrison told me, "I do think we could loosen it to find an athlete or a celebrity. I really do at this point. It would have to be the right person, because you have to believe and trust the fact that this is sincere. And that this person really wants to meet somebody and find someone special. You can't do it as a stunt. Stunts don't work for our show. That's like Celebrity Apprentice or something. Other shows lend themselves to stunt casting, our show is very much the opposite. It has to be based in sincerity and the fact that they really want to find someone to love."

His number one picks for Bachelor and Bachelorette? "Derek Jeter and Jennifer Aniston," Harrison says, then lets out a laugh. "But first of all, if it's Jennifer Aniston, A) I'm gonna be on the show, and B) 85% sure I'm gonna be walking away with her. I would be in charge of casting, and it would be like 24 of the worst men in America and me. So if Jen and Justin are on the rocks…I'm just sayin'…"

Jennifer Aniston


Let the record show: He's clearly kidding, and hasn't been off loopily picking pomegranates with Ashley S. or anything. (Though that is a show we'd watch!) But we clearly have identified a long-time crush of Mr. Chris Harrison's.

Maybe Aniston was the muse for his new novel , The Perfect Letter, which he just unveiled last night? Probably not. Still, we already ordered our copy.

So Bachelor Nation! Who are you rooting for the next Bachelorette? Take our poll below...

Who should be the next Bachelorette?
Who should be the next Bachelorette?
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