Uma Thurman

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Not even celebrities are immune to harsh words.

Uma Thurman is one of many women who have perfected the closed-mouth grin on red carpets, but there's a reason why she doesn't show her teeth when it comes time for photos: Someone told her she had an ugly smile when she was just a kid!

"I'm enjoying getting older because I feel I didn't appreciate being pretty when I was younger," she told Hello! magazine (as quoted by the Daily Mail) in a recent interview. "I felt terrible. When I was 10, someone told me I had an ugly smile, so I spent the whole of my younger years feeling embarrassed and never smiling with my mouth open. But what are you going to do?"

Just last month the gorgeous Kill Bill actress sparked rumors of plastic surgery when she debuted a very different appearance at the New York City premiere of The Slap, but a source told E! News that it was just makeup.

"It was just a fun and different makeup choice," the source said. "Nothing else, just a slow news week."

People compared the different look to that of Renée Zellweger, who also shocked fans when she stepped out with a face that didn't resemble what Bridget Jones' Diary fans came to know and love. But Thurman later explained to Savannah Guthrieon the Today show that she has learned to deal with both the good and bad criticisms, even when people think she looks "weird."

"I've been doing this [acting] for years and years and years, and people say things nice and they say things mean, and it's just like, whatever," she said. "You take the good with the bad."

Her makeup artist, Troy Surrat, discussed the look she gave Thurman with Refinery 29, saying she was going for a "French sort of feel." Although the look wasn't warmly received, Surrat importantly reiterated, "Uma felt beautiful."

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