Bobby Brown Slams Rumors That He's Filming Reality Show About Bobbi Kristina Brown's Hospitalization

Daughter of late legendary singer is still in the hospital

By Lily Harrison Mar 03, 2015 6:48 PMTags
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Don't believe everything you read.

Bobby Brown is slamming rumors that he and his family members have been filming a reality show surrounding Bobbi Kristina Brown's hospitalization.

"Yet again, TMZ has chosen to engage in false news reporting. There is no Brown family reality show that is in production which chronicles Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina or the medical emergency she presently faces at Emory Hospital. These reports are irresponsible and Warner Brothers as the owner of TMZ, should be ashamed to publish such nonsense, particularly one day before Bobbi Kristina's birthday," Christopher Brown, of Brown & Rosen LLC. said on behalf of the New Edition singer.

"Bobbi Kristina and Bobby Brown are dealing with enough right now. The fact that TMZ/Warner Brothers has decided to inject negativity into their lives at this critical time is plain insanity."

Bobby also released the following statement: "We continue to request privacy in regards to my daughter's medical condition. We thank everyone that supports Bobbi Kristina and God is hearing our prayers."

Meanwhile, Nick Gordon took to Twitter (yet again) to give a few updates about Bobbi Kristina's health.

"My baby is getting some much needed rest, all vital signs good. I have her cpr for 10 mins she has my lungs now!," he wrote before adding, "I love you soooooooo much plz wake up."

Gordon also took aim at Bobby, writing, "I am the new edition to Bobby saving women you hurt. Only 25 and dealing with all this thanks to you…Bobby you're just a center fold. You're doing shows I would be there by her side 24/7 non stop taking care of our baby."