Jon Stewart and WWE star Seth Rollins' rivalry came to a head last night on Monday Night Raw.

It started a few weeks back when Rollins said he could do anything he wanted in the future, including taking over as host of The Daily Show! Stewart warned the athlete he'd "just stepped in a world of hurt," saying, "This is the biggest mistake you've ever made, coming after The Daily Show!"

Then last week, the political humorist was in for a bit of a surprise when Rollins showed up on the set of The Daily Show and challenged him to a fight on Monday Night Raw at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. When Monday evening rolled around, Rollins thought the comedian was too scared to show his face.

Seth Rollins, Jon Stewart


After taking a dig at Stewart's Oscar hosting stints in 2006 and 2008 and poking fun at his 2014 directorial debut Rosewater, Rollins slammed the Daily Show host as "a wuss who's also a phony.," adding, "I shouldn't really be surprised—he's from New Jersey!"

Still thinking his TV adversary was nowhere to be seen, Rollins continued: "Let's give Stewart some credit where it's deserved. He's a smart guy. He obviously decided not to show up tonight...I wouldn't show up if I were him either. I mean, Jon Stewart really wants to retire on his own terms, and if Jon Stewart showed up here tonight, I would force him to retire immediately because it is quite difficult to do a phony news show with your jaw wired shut."

But then, much to Rollins' apparent surprise, the Daily Show's theme music began to play, lights flashed and Stewart himself appeared! The WWE star obviously wasn't pleased by this. "You wanna come into my ring and try and make a fool out of me?"

"No, I don't, and I apologize for that," Stewart began. "I could not. I would never make a fool—how could I make a fool out of a man dressed like a swat team stripper with Lady Gaga's hair? How could I do that? I'm not here to do that. I'm your friend!"

"You may be stronger than me, you may be better looking than me, you may be taller than me, you may be able to lift your arms above your shoulders—which I used to be able to do but can't [now]—but let me tell you this: I have something you'll never have and that's respect," he said.

Ooh, burn! Things took a nasty turn here, and Rollins grabbed hold of Stewart! The Daily Show host's fate seemed dire, but in a quick, cunning move, Stewart turned the tables, kicking Rollins right in the crotch!

Did this low-blow bring the WWE star to his knees? Did Stewart escape? Watch the clip above to see it all go down!

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