Kelly Clarkson, River Blackstock


Kelly Clarkson knows being a mom can bring a whole lot of fears.

But one thing she never ever worries about is whether or not her daughter River Rose is a lesbian.

"Oh, I don't care," she told PrideSource this week while promoting her album Piece by Piece. "I mean, here's what I hope for her: I just hope she finds love. It took me a while, man and there was a lot of heartache throughout those years."

She added, "You know, as long as she's happy, I don't care either way, and neither does my husband. And we have two other kids as well, and we don't care either way for all of them."

When asked what she would tell her children including her "magical unicorn" River if they came out, Clarkson already has a chill answer ready to go.

"I'd be like, ‘Awesome! When do we meet him or her?'" she said. "Honestly, it's so funny, it doesn't even register in my world as different. I don't know why. But yeah, it doesn't.  I'm glad it doesn't."

Clarkson realized early on in her career that she was loved by the LGBT community.

During her first tour in support of the Breakaway album, the American Idol alumna recalled a woman introducing herself as "a Kezbo" or a lesbian fan.  Plus, she's totally been to more than a few gay bars over the years where she had a "blast."

Kelly Clarkson, Piece by Piece


And although she was raised as a Southern Baptist, Clarkson remains a huge supporter of LGBT rights. In fact, her video for "Heartbeat Song" features a gay couple who gets engaged while filming.

"I think it's silly that we're still talking about gay rights. I just live in this world where people are accepted, so it's very hard for me to even realize that that still exists," she explained. "That [gay couple] was a no-brainer, and I didn't even think, ‘Oh, I'm making a statement for gay rights.' I was making a statement for the loss of love and the hope that you can still find it, regardless of what form that comes in."

She added, "Love is love in whatever relationship it may be in." 

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