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Time to get your spoilers on, Boo Boo Kitties!! (And that is not only a nod to Empire's Cookie, but also Shirley of Laverne fame.) Read on for the latest round of exclusive TV scoop!

Johnny: Empire Empire Empire, it's all I can think about, please!
Samesies. Expect Andre to finally be the center of attention in episode 10, but you know the phrase, be careful what you wish for? Yeah, it had to do with Andre's mental illness, which we'll learn a lot more about via flashbacks that are pretty darn heartbreaking. 

Greg: Any scoop on The Following?
Next week's episode features one of the scariest, most disturbing scenarios I've ever seen on a TV show...and Fox's serial killer thriller doesn't even show the scene. It just paints a picture for you in your mind, using sounds and the power of suggestion, and even though you don't actually see any violence, it's going to give you nightmares. It's as brilliant as much as it's terrifying. You've been warned!

Jessica: Remember when Alicia Florrick practiced law? Will we ever see that again on The Good Wife?
Oh, I have heard you, Good Wife fans. So have Robert and Michelle King, the co-creators and executive producers. "Yes, definitely," Robert says when we asked whether we'll get Alicia back in the court room this season. "First of all, we like seeing Alicia stretch so we are not hungering for it yet, but we know the audience hungers for it…We still keep our hand in with what's happening with [Christine Baranski], Gary Cole and Matt Czuchry, in upcoming episodes they will be in court. But there is something very special about seeing Alicia—it's where she feels most comfortable, where she kind of kicks ass."

Translation: Don't fret! We saw Alicia put her lawyer hat back on when she dealt with Dylan Baker's Colin Sweeney in the March 1 episode, and more is coming. "There's a bit of diversion this year because we wanted to explore other sides of her, but yes, that is an aspect of where we're headed," Robert says.

Claire: I need The 100 scoop!
Tomorrow is the beginning of the two-part season finale, and Alycia Debnam-Carey, aka Commander Lexa, describes the two episodes in three words: "Hopeful, explosive and thrilling." Hey, that "hopeful" sure does give us...hope!

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Ashley: Anything on SVU?
We know there's a lot of you who are very invested in the Rollaro—that's Amaro and Rollins' relationship. So what's up with it? "I don't know, I don't know where that is. I don't know where they're taking it," Giddish admits. The actress tell us she's not sure about the relationship and how healthy it is for her character, but said she loves having Pino as a scene partner. "So rarely we get to act with other people in the squad room, just like a two-hander scene, it's just nice knowing that there is something, maybe another layer, that is going on in the squad room," she says. "So we'll see where they take it."

Beth: I've been voting nonstop for VinCat in your TV's Top Couple poll! I think I deserve some BATB scoop in return!
That you do, but you might not like what we have to share: expect one of our four main heroes to end up in the hospital after being severely injured. Like, life-or-death here, people! OK, we'll eliminate one person: Tess. 

Jacqui: Absolutely loving this season of Girls! Got anything on what's ahead?
Ray admits he still mas major feelings for one of our ladies. But are they for Shoshanna and Marnie? That is the question. And yes, he tells one of them how he feels...about the other. So messy. So good.

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Alex: This separation of Deacon and Rayna on Nashville is killing me! Please tell me they're going to get back together and soon!
Although Deacon's health is deteriorating fast, there's hope for these two to finally reconcile…if only Deacon can bring himself to tell Rayna about his health problems. But you know the saying "when it rains it pours?" Deacon's about to find out that's extremely true about good luck. Take that as you will!

Dana: Going through withdrawals from The Affair. Ease my pain, won't you?
While Sarah Treem tells us she had the first three seasons planned out when she originally conceived the show, fans can expect an answer to one of the series' biggest mysteries a bit earlier than that. "I think that we will get to the crime in the second season, whether the case is closed, I can't say," she says. "But I definitely think we're going to get to Scotty's death in the second season."

Mark: I'm so happy S.H.I.E.L.D. is finally back tonight! Got any scoop?
Do we ever! We were actually on set of Marvel's ABC show to get as much Inhumans scoop as possible (read it here!), and when Skye's new abilities start to show, the two team members who have the most surprising reactions are Fitz and Simmons. One will help Skye in the sweetest way, while the other will react in such a negative way that it's the most heartbreaking thing we've ever seen. Guess which is which in the comments below!

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Tess: Loving Arrow right now. What's coming up for Thea?
Though it may seem like Thea's trying to get herself killed by telling Nyssa she killed Sara and then letting the grieving assassin out of her cage, this isn't the end of her story. "We're working towards telling a different story with Thea, it won't always be just her acting out," executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. "She's processing a huge amount of guilt and regret. At the end of [episode] 15, she's essentially attempting suicide by Nyssa. It's a continuing progression. It won't just be a repitition of her acting out. In [episode] 16, she looks for closure in another way because spoiler alert, Nyssa's not going to kill [Thea]."

Andrew L.: Is it true Allison Janney is returning to Masters of Sex? Please say yes!
This is one rumor that is so true. And guess what? Beau Bridges will be back, too. Huzzah! "I will say you will see both of them back for sure,"showrunner Michelle Ashford reveals. "They're now in our world and, as much as they can, given their other commitments, they are going to stay in our world because we just realized what they bring is so rich." But don't get too greedy as you won't be seeing too much of Janney, given her commitment to Mom. "Can Allison be in every episode? That'd be tough. But can she have a great story? Yeah!"

Boone: I can't imagine my life without The Mindy Project. Season four is happening, right? Right?
While there's no official word from Fox (What are you waiting for?!), "I'm just making it the best show I can make. I hope [Fox] believes in the show as much as I do," Mindy Kaling tells us. And she admits she doesn't even have her ultimate dream ending for Mindy in mind just yet. "No, I don't. I haven't thought that far down the line." So basically, season four MUST happen ‘cause if anyone deserves a happy ending, It's Beyonce Pad Thai Mindy Lahiri. 

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