Newlywed Lance Bass answered the question of whether he and Michael Turchin are thinking about having kids with a big "yes, indeed!"

So when exactly are the couple thinking about having kids? "We're thinking of...not immediately," chuckled Turchin, "but in the next few years, a couple years we're definitely going to start the process."

Darn! It looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to see the two as parents. Bass and Turchin also opened up about how different they feel since walking down the aisle.

Lance Bass, Michael Turchin

"We had no idea we would feel more whole as a human being, and I think it really is about how people treat us as a couple. Before, when you could only say 'boyfriends,' they're like 'Yeah, OK, that's cute,' but now that you say 'husband,' people take you more seriously," said Bass.

Turchin chimed in saying, "People look at us now as a real couple, whereas before, saying the word 'boyfriend,' it didn't describe our relationship. So now we can actually say, 'This is my husband,' and it makes all the difference."

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