Winning an Oscar really does change everything!

For Mark David Christenson, pretending to have won an Academy Award gave him A-list access to all the glitz and glam Hollywood has to offer. New Media Rockstars helped the prankster pull off this convincing stunt, creating a faux-acceptance speech he had at the ready on his iPhone. And as you'll see in the YouTube clip above, a little green screen "proof," a sharp tux and some liquid courage helped this non-nominee get fans and fame everywhere he went!

Marching up and down Hollywood Boulevard was quite an experience, and movie lovers young and old wanted pictures with Mark! Upon seeing that gold statue, a bodega attendant allowed him to get Gatorade and condoms free of charge.

Mark bypassed security outside the show itself, even cheekily asking a group of police officers, "You guys ever arrested an Oscar winner before?"

He proceeded to make his way into the bar, where he indulged in some free drinks and conversation before getting in to an after-party at the Roosevelt Hotel. All the ladies wanted to snap selfies with Mark, and one lady even gave him her phone number. Everywhere he turned, people were praising what they believed to be his film, even claiming to have heard his nonexistent acceptance speech!

The deception didn't end there! The faux-winner led several different bars in celebratory chants using nominated movies' titles. "When I say 'Whip,' you say 'Lash!'" he cheered. "When I say 'The Imitation,' you say 'Game!'"

Then, pretending to have "lost" his valet ticket, Mark convinced an attendant to give him someone else's car. He started to drive away with it (a no-no, because he'd been drinking and it wasn't his car), before he thankfully pulled over, returning it to its rightful owner. "This just got me a free car," he said, holding up the fake statue. "Why would you let someone do this? I'm driving away with a stranger's car! You don't do that! I don't care if you're an Oscar winner or not, you do not give a stranger a car."

Very true. And for the record, don't try any of this at home (or anywhere).

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