If you read the title of this article and thought: "well, he probably made a big ol' mess," then you're right. But let's dig a little deeper into the latest thing taking over the Internet that has nothing to do with the color of a dress.

This viral video, which has over six million views, shows a young guy named Hajime having a regular evening hanging out and taping Mentos to his body with tape. You know, as one does.

Hajime then fills his entire bathtub with Coke Zero, which was a bold choice, in our opinion. And then with the world watching with bated breath, he got right in.

Thankfully, there wasn't an explosion akin to Homer opening the beer that Bart shook up with a paint mixer. The bathtub just got really fizzy and Hajime presumably enjoyed the sensation? Kind of like Chandler really enjoying the bath salts starting to effervesce on Friends, making things "different" and "interesting."

Thank you, Hajime, for braving the elements of the candy and soda world to bring us this video.

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