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These people literally cannot.

Yesterday was Justin Bieber's birthday, and the occasion proved just way too emotional for some Beliebers every single Belieber. While the Biebs was busy spending upwards of $1 million on his private island celebration, his many, many, many, many devoted fans were sitting at home moving themselves to tears at the mere thought of his big day. 

Seriously, when we say the Beliebers were in a frenzy this weekend, we mean in a frenzy. Bieber and his friends stopped at nothing to throw the most epic blowout they could muster, and his fans stopped at nothing to prove their devotion to Sir Justin. 

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Naturally, these crazies admirably faithful guys and gals took to the one platform they love best: Twitter. The pop star received over 1,000,000 well wishes in honor of his 21st year, and each message was scarier more meaningful than the last. A few themes made themselves apparent over the course of the big day. For starters, people are shocked that their "precious little baby" is already the ripe-old age of 21. It seems like only yesterday he was but a fresh-faced babe with a squeaky voice and no desire for alcohol or other drugs. 

Fans are also very thankful to his mother, Patti, for, well, birthing an "angel." Without her there would be no Justin Bieber, and thus no reason to even continue existing. On behalf of these beliebers, we'd like to thank you, Bieber, for whatever it is you do again. (Singing, right?). 

Because of you, they can even.

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