Once Upon A Time


Could that episode have been any more insane?

While we officially "welcomed" two fancy new villains to the world/Storybrooke in Ursula and Cruella de Vil, tonight's episode of Once Upon a Time also introduced a new, rather grim concept: Could Emma become evil?

Several plans were put into place tonight, as Regina is still on her quest to get her happy ending and Rumple just wants to get back home after being banished by Belle. Fortunately, everything is all interconnected!

Rumple's been living with Ursula in the real world, and she and her fish-filled apartment have had enough of him and his bathrobe and his ridiculousness. We learn that long ago, he used Malefecint, Cruella, and Ursula to get to a curse that would bring happy endings to all of them, but then left them behind in a mountain to be eaten by a creature that conveniently likes to eat those with the darkest of hearts.

Back in present-day Storybrooke, Belle's trying to get the fairies released from the hat, hoping the fairies can help Regina with her own happy ending (which is a phrase that simultaneously makes us think of inappropriate massages and our favorite deceased television show, every time anyone utters it).

Fortunately, Belle happened on an internet professor who could translate a fairy-releasing spell. Unfortunately, that internet professor was Rumple, and the spell not only released the fairies, but also released that convenient evil-finding monster from the mountain.

Everyone immediately assumed the monster was after Regina, but we soon found out that it had another target, and her name was Emma Swan.  

At first it seemed ridiculous that Emma could ever be evil, but apparently Charming and Snow have been hiding some sort of secret from their daughter, and also a secret past with Storybrooke's newest residents: Cruella and Ursula, who have acquired an invite with Rumple's encouragement. Snow warns them that if they ever talk about what happened in the Enchanted Forest, she'll pretty much kill them.

So basically, Emma might be evil, Cruella and Ursula have arrived in Storybrooke with Rumple close behind (along with Maleficent, who he's supposedly bringing back), and we totally forgot that Snow White used to be a badass back in her Enchanted Forest days.

And there wasn't a Frozen character in sight. It felt good. 

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