The Walking Dead


So was Alexandria the dream world Aaron promised?

In some ways, it might actually be.

Sure, things are a little odd, but what isn't odd in the zombie apocalypse?  

First of all, remember when we hoped for showers? There were showers! Rick washed his disgusting feet and even shaved his beard. We don't know why we needed to watch him do it for three minutes, but we did anyway, and then we watched him get a haircut until we could once again picture him holding a sign outside Keira Knightley's house that reads "To me, you are perfect."

There was running water, there were kids, there were video games, there were giant houses for everyone to live in. Some of the Alexandrians aren't the nicest (like Aiden, who we thought was kind of attractive until he turned out to be a jerk), but their leader/former Congresswoman/almost-a-pro-poker-player Deanna currently seems to be pretty cool. At the end of tonight's episode, she made Rick the constable of the town, and thanked Glenn for rightly punching Aiden in the face when he tried to punch Glenn for killing a walker instead of letting him tie it up, or whatever they were trying to do.

In fact, it seems like the thing that could screw up this paradise is Rick himself. Carol (who decided to hilariously play sweet little housewife in front of the Alexandrians) and some of the others were concerned about turning weak in the face of showers and electricity. However, Rick disagreed, saying that they were not the ones who were weak, and if the Alexandrians were, then Rick and his people would take over the town.

While we would very much enjoy a new version of The Walking Dead in which Alexandria is basically Stars Hollow and this becomes Gilmore Girls plus zombies, we would also be very into watching a version in which Rick, Michonne, Carol, etc are the ones in charge. It's probably their turn, after all. 

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments!

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