• Britney’s new/old manager is promising “the biggest comeback in history.” So she's going to prove GOP operatives embarrassingly wrong and win New Hampshire?

Ah. No. She may be reprising her role on How I Met Your Mother. Same diff.

Jeremy Piven came to Indiana State University to shamelessly hit on nubile young coeds campaign for presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama.

Amy Winehouse is going to appear on the nerd-tastic TV series Dr. Who...which we will hereby refer to as Dr. WTF.

Jessica Alba is going to name her daughter Honor Warren, allegedly because she felt it was “an honor to have Cash’s baby.” In other news, Jamie Lynn is planning to name her child Life-Altering Attention-Getting Mistake Aldridge, or Uh-oh for short.

Sources tell E! News that Victoria Beckham left vintage boutique The Way We Wore with “period-specific pieces” that are thought to be inspirations for her own line. We don’t know which period she specifically chose, but we pray her line doesn’t include pantaloons.

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