Miley Cyrus, Mandy Jiroux


Mandy Jiroux must be the most widely photographed coffee buddy on the planet.

The 20-year-old BFF of pop sensation Miley Cyrus has made a name for herself as “that older chick who is always with Miley,” and she says she feels “blessed” by her friendship with the teen who is, technically, her boss.

Blessed is right. Not only do millions tune in to the duo’s Miley and Mandy Show on YouTube, but Miley’s backup dancer also recently joined a girl group called Beach Girls, and she says she’s hoping for a big, fat slice of reality-show fame.

"It would be cool to do a reality show probably maybe one day,” she tells E! News in an exclusive interview to air Wednesday night. “Who knows? I love The Girls Next Door.”

Also revealed...

Mandy says that Miley is "just like every other girl," albeit one that is hounded by the paparazzi wherever she goes. She says neither of them have time for beaux—though Mandy is in the market for Mr. Right. And she reminds us that "it would be cool" to do a reality show. (We get it.)

Mandy says the idea for the Miley and Mandy Show came while Mandy was teaching Miley some choreography.

“We were taping remember the moves. We started being goofy in front of the camera and it was way funny. We were like, ‘We should just put it all together and put it on YouTube.’”

And then maybe use Miley’s soaring popularity to spin off a reality -show deal?

Mandy doesn’t say.

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