Is Jon Stewart retiring from The Daily Show to take on the world of wrestling?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, but the 52-year-old political humorist did face off with WWE star Seth Rollins Thursday! The two men have been faux-feuding since Rollins, 28, proclaimed on Monday Night Raw that he could do anything he wanted in the future, including becoming the president of the United States or taking over as host of The Daily Show!

This prompted quite a response from Stewart, who warned Rollins he'd "just stepped in a world of hurt," saying, "This is the biggest mistake you've ever made, coming after The Daily Show!"

He assured the wrestler he was "160 pounds of dynamite," quickly clarifying, "obviously not dynamite, my bone density is not what it used to be...160 pound of wood, like a soft wood, like a pine....Still, splinters, you know? That's gonna hurt!"

Stewart seemed to backtrack a bit more when Rollins interrupted his "moment of Zen" Thursday, crashing onto the Daily Show's set to challenge the comedian to a fight!

"Real, real tough talk, Stewart," Rollins said menacingly, causing the Daily Show host to visibly squirm. "Why don't you shut our mouth and bring it, pal?"

"Let me tell you this, Rollins, I will bring it!" he replied. "Although, unfortunately, I don't have it with me right now, so I will perhaps look for it and meet you somewhere at a later date, like gentlemen..."

"It's funny you would mention that," said the athlete. "I actually came here to give you an invitation. How about you show up, this Monday on Monday Night Raw, Newark at the Prudential Center? You got the guts ,Stewart?"

"I have more than the—aw, Jesus," he said, grabbing his back in mock pain. "I think I just pulled something. But I do have the guts and I...well..."

He rambled some excuses, pretended to sign off the show and then tried to get in a sneak-attack on Rollins! Watch for yourself in the clip above.

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