Teen Mom Stars Sound Off on Farrah Abraham's Return to the Show: She'll Hurt the ''Moral Compass''

"I just don't think it's appropriate for my 6-year-old son to be involved with some of the things that Farrah is involved with," Bookout told E! News

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Yesterday, we were treated to the new trailer for MTV's upcoming series Teen Mom OG, which stars original castmembers Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell as well as Farrah Abraham.

And as we witnessed in the preview clip, the ladies are not fans of Farrah's return (Bookout even threatens to quit!), as the controversial Teen Mom has gone on to star in adult films and has even designed a line of sex toys following her initial stint on the show.

E! News recently caught up with Bookout, Portwood and Lowell to chat about the forthcoming series, which is set to air on March 23, in addition to discussing Abraham's highly-publicized return. 

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"I can't really comment on my leaving the show," Bookout told E! News. "As far as the way I felt when she was returning, it's not about Farrah. I don't hold a grudge against her, I'm not mad at her, I don't judge her—nothing like that. But there's also a fine line with what I find appropriate and I just don't think it's appropriate for my 6-year-old son to be involved with some of the things that Farrah is involved with."

The 23-year-old reality star, who is currently pregnant with her second child, continued, explaining why she does not want to subject her son to Farrah's activities.

"So, you know, if we're watching one scene and he's in the front yard throwing baseball and then five seconds later they're at a strip club, to me, that's just not appropriate," she stated. "And you know, the shows going to air on Mondays and that's going to be happening and then he has to wake up and go to school the next day with six and seven year olds in Kindergarten that just watched all of that happen." 

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She added with regards to her disapproval of Farrah's presence on the show: "So it's difficult for me because I feel like my ability to make the right choices as a parent was kind of taken away from me when they decided to bring her back."

Portwood, meanwhile, whose current boyfriend proposes in the Teen Mom OG trailer, had less hesitations about Abraham, although she does admit that it's odd to see her co-star as a porn star.

"It's just shocking sometimes, to me, when I knew Farrah…she would never do something like that, and when I found out she did, I was in prison," the brunette explained before adding, "I can't really judge much on anything." 

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Lowell, however, was more in agreement with Bookout.

"At first, for a little bit, we were kind of OK with it," she said of Farrah's return. "Until we really sat down about it and were like ‘Um, we don't know how good this is for the moral compass of the show?' Like, we are trying to educate girls about good things, not so much the sex industry part." 

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