Who needs teammates when you can do all of the drinking yourself?!

Margot Robbie stopped by the Tonight Show to promote her latest film, Focus, but decided to have a little fun with host Jimmy Fallon before ending her evening. So what does "fun" entail for the Australian actress and late-night talk show host? Drinking, obviously.

Robbie and Fallon played the classic drinking game, flip cup, but instead of having teams competing against each other, as is the norm, the two A-listers competed solo against each other! That's a fair amount of beer LOL.

If you're unfamiliar with flip cup, it's a simple game in which you fill cups with some beer, drink them and then flip each cup over so that it's standing upside down. Sound simple? It's surprisingly harder than you'd think!

But from the start there was no competition, with Robbie taking the lead and ultimately winning without a hitch. But seeing as she is 24-years-old (and maybe a partier?!) and he's now a father-of-two, we'll let his loss slide. But we admit we expected a little more from the funnyman!

Margot Robbie, Jimmy Fallon, Flip Cup


Then again, she did joke, "I've had practice at this one."

Kudos to the gorgeous star for not only beating him but also crushing him in heels! That takes some serious skills.

Lucky for the Wolf of Wall Street hottie, she was able to take home not one, but two rolls of toilet paper and a sleeve of Solo cups! Now she'll be prepped and ready for her next drinking game (with materials to help clean up!).

Watch the video above to see Robbie somehow manage not to spill any beer on her dress!

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