12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the WWE Divas Nikki and Brie Bella

By Kamala Kirk Feb 25, 2015 11:02 PMTags

Gotta love those Bella Twins!

Brie Bella and sister Nikki Bella couldn't be more different...and that's why it's always entertaining to see these two interact. But despite their differences, at the end of the day nothing can keep these two WWE Divas apart for long (not even a WWE storyline!)

We all know that Nikki loves her wine and her Louboutins while Brie enjoys hanging with her hubby and dining at organic restaurants, but did you know that Nikki intended to become a professional soccer player while Brie used to date a rock star?

Check out the 12 things you probably didn't know about the Bella Twins. You just might learn a thing or two...

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12. Nikki used to date Dolph Ziggler.

Sorry, Nena fans, but John Cena isn't the first WWE Superstar that Nikki has dated!

Back in the day, Nikki and Dolph Ziggler met when they were in Tampa, Florida for the WWE's then-developmental branch, Florida Championship Wrestling. The two dated for a couple of years before ultimately calling it quits.

But that's all ancient history now because Nikki has found her true love with John!

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11. They're half-Mexican, half-Italian.

The twins can thank their parents for their exotic heritage!

Their father Jon Garcia is Mexican and their mother Kathy Colace is Italian, and they also have a younger brother, JJ.

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10. Nikki is 16 minutes older than Brie.

Despite the fact that Brie acts like the older sibling on Total Divas and is always trying to give her sister advice, in actuality Nikki is the older twin by 16 minutes!

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9. Brie used to date a rock star.

We're so used to seeing Brie with her husband Daniel Bryan that it's hard to imagine her with anyone else, but years ago she dated Richie Kotzen, the former guitarist for Poison. The couple dated a little over five years before moving in different directions.

While every girl should have her fling with a musician, we're certainly glad that Brie ended up marrying Daniel. Braniel forever!

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8. Nikki was the soccer pro.

While growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, the twins played soccer on the Sereno Golden Eagles club team.

Brie confessed that she was the artsier of the two and "didn't want to play soccer anymore." Nikki, on the other hand, was going to get a scholarship to play soccer in college but then she broke her leg.

But soccer's loss ended up being the WWE's gain!

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7. Brie got her tattoo for an ex-boyfriend.

For those of you who have noticed the bear claws that Brie has tattooed on her lower stomach, she got them to remember an ex-boyfriend who passed away.

"Death is always a life changing experience, especially when the person is close to you," Brie revealed in an interview. "At 18, I had to experience losing my boyfriend to a tragic death. Not only was it sad losing my boyfriend but his beautiful soul. I was fortunate enough to learn from him. Instead of losing faith I gained spirituality. He has a very special place in my heart, always will. The bear claws you see on my lower stomach are in memory of him."


6. The Bella Twins used to be the World Cup Twins for Budweiser.

After an appearance on a Fox reality show, the Bella Twins were hired to be the World Cup Twins for Budweiser and were even photographed holding the World Cup trophy!

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5. Nikki was married for three years.

You may recall when Nikki revealed a big secret to her family on last season of Total Divas—she was married for three years!

But it wasn't quite as romantic as it sounds. When she was 20, Nikki married her high school sweetheart and they ultimately realized it was a mistake, so they eventually had it annulled.


4. The twins were originally discovered on Meet My Folks.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting and modeling, the twins were eventually signed by an agent and started going out on lots of auditions.

It was their appearance on the NBC show Meet My Folks that led to them being discovered, and shortly after attending a WWE Diva casting they were offered jobs.

But they turned down the offer because they didn't want to relocate to Tampa, and it wasn't until several years later that their mom met with WWE reps again and convinced her daughters to give wrestling a shot. Talk about a life-changing moment...

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3. Brie is an artist in her spare time.

When Brie has the time, she loves to sketch and enjoys creating art.

"Rembrandt is one of my favorite artists," she said in an interview. "I like sketching Rock-N-Roll artists."

That should come as no surprise, given the fact that she used to date a rocker!


2. They participated in the International Body Doubles Twin Search.

Prior to signing with the WWE, the Bella Twins were contestants in the 2006 International Body Doubles Twin Search.

Check out the throwback video below to catch them in action!

1. They've both been Divas Champions.

In April 2011, Brie won the Divas Championship, then Nikki won it a year later in April 2012.

And now Nikki recently won the Divas Championship again, making her a two-time Divas Champ!


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