Press play above, y'all. It's time to cry.

Parks and Recreation, one of the greatest television comedies of all time, will be leaving us tonight. There are no words to adequately express how we feel about this NBC series, and that's saying something considering we're writers. Well, we play one on the Internet.

Even though the Pawnee crew will be saying goodbye tonight, there are ways to mourn and celebrate this show for the rest of time. And we're not talking about Netflix and/or syndication, though it's never a bad time to binge-watch Parks and Rec.

We're talking about things, you guys. Stuff to buy. Because in the immortal words of Tom Haverford: "Love fades away, but things? Things are forever."

Here are the best Parks and Rec items on the Internet that will bring you comfort long after Leslie, Ben, Ron, Tom, April, Andy, Donna and Jerry/Gerry/Terry/Larry leave us forever:

1. "Uteruses Before Duderuses" shirt

Parks and Recreation, T-Shirt

An important message that you should display proudly. This shirt is also extremely comfortable to wear. (Buy it!)

2. April Ludgate buttons

Parks and Recreation Gear

Because don't we all want to tell people we hate them at one point during the day? Say it with a button. (Buy it!)

3. Duke Silver shirt

Parks and Recreation Gear

Be a groupie. (Buy it!)

4. "Treat Yo Self" print

Parks and Recreation Gear

So you always have a checklist of what makes a good Treat Yo Self day. (Buy it!)

5. Leslie Knope waffle pillow

Parks and Recreation Gear

The waffle queen can stay on your couch forever. (Buy it!)

6. Burt Macklin FBI phone case

Parks and Recreation Gear

"Macklin, you son of a bitch." (Buy it!)

7. Ron Swanson bacon poster

Parks and Recreation Gear

For those who always order "all of the bacon and eggs that you have." (Buy it!)

8. Purs and Recreation print

Parks and Recreation Gear

Everything is better with cats. (Buy it!)

9. Perdvert banner

Parks and Recreation Gear

The story of this banner is that is says "Perdvert." (Buy it!)

10. Lil' Sebastian shirt

Parks and Recreation Gear

Never forget: he traded his legs for angel's wings. (Buy it!)

11. Ron Swanson icon mug

Parks and Recreation Gear

The man, the myth, the meat legend. (Buy it!)

12. "Ovaries Before Brovaries" embroidery

Parks and Rec gear


Every woman needs this in her home. If you already have it, give it as a house-warming present. (Buy it!)

13. Ben Wyatt's bachelor hat

Parks and Recreation Gear

If you are playing "Settlers of Catan" at your bachelor party, you best be wearing this. (Buy it!)

14. Parks and Rec nesting dolls

Parks and Recreation Gear

Because why not? (Buy it!)

15. "Treat Yo Self" leggings

Parks and Recreation Gear

It should go without saying, but this is what you should be wearing on your T.Y.S. day. (Buy it!)

16. Vote Knope tote

Parks and Rec gear


Spread the "Knope we can!" message while shopping for gluten free granola at Whole Foods. (Buy it!)

17. Ron Swanson's "Pyramid of Greatness" duvet cover

Parks and Recreation Gear

For when you want to be wrapped up in Ron's wisdom. (Buy it!)

18. Tom's food-isms sign

Parks and Recreation Gear

Perfect when you are seving "apps and zerts." (Buy it!)

19. Parks and Rec coloring book

Parks and Recreation Gear

Give the Pawnee crew some color. Just don't pull a Jerry and color outside the lines. (Buy it!)

20. "I love you and I like you" card

Parks and Recreation Gear

For the Ben Wyatt or Leslie Knope in your life. (Buy it!)

21. Woman of the Year shirt

Parks and Recreation Gear

Ron is the ultimate feminist. (Buy it!)

22. Ann and Leslie friendship keychain

Parks and Recreation Gear

Give this to your "beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn baby." (Buy it!)

23. Tom and Ron notebook 

Parks and Recreation Gear

The ultimate Pawnee bromance? (Buy it!)

24. Parks and Rec tribute candles

Parks and Recreation Gear

If we had these, we would light them tonight. (Buy it!

We love you, Parks and Rec. Thanks for all the laughs and for all the debt we're now in because we have purchased EVERYTHING on this list.

Sorry, we're just very sad about the series finale airing tonight. Please allow us to grieve.

Leslie Knope crying GIF


(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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