John Travolta Explains His Idina Menzel, Adele Dazeem Moment Once and for All—Watch Now!

He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to clear the air about his famous mistake

By Francesca Bacardi Feb 23, 2015 1:59 PMTags

It has been a full year since John Travolta famously butchered Idina Menzel's name on stage at the Oscars, but until now we haven't received any sort of real explanation as to how and why he so badly mispronounced her name.

After the two stars made light of the mistake at this year's Oscars Sunday night—both joked that they haven't been able to escape it—Travolta made his way over to Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he finally revealed the truth behind Adele Dazeem.

The American Crime Story actor was originally given a 15-minute warning before he was supposed to make his way to the stage, but at the last second, a "page" (aka an assistant) told him he only had seconds before he had to walk out! Unfortunately (or fortunately) for the Oscar nominee, he ran into Goldie Hawn!

Describing Kate Hudson's mom as "sexy" and "beautiful," Travolta admitted he got star struck and was completely overwhelmed by her looks that he didn't really absosrb the fact that a page had just told him that Menzel's name on the teleprompter had been changed to phonetic spelling.


Because he hadn't rehearsed reading it phonetically, he got confused and renamed the "Let It Go" singer Adele Dazeem.

"So this was Goldie Hawn's fault!" Jimmy Kimmel joked after Travolta finished explaining himself.

He did reveal that there has been a silver lining to his mistake: Menzel credits him for much of her success in the past year! But the talk show host didn't think that was enough.

"She should give you money never mind credit!" he quipped. 

Maybe next year he can explain why he insisted on grabbing Menzel's face this year.

Stay cool, John.