Jimmy Kimmel's 2015 Oscars Special: Benedict Cumberbatch, Jennifer Aniston, Eddie Redmayne & More Suffer in Kimmel's Acting School

Watch both parts of the hilarious video showing the Kimmel School of Perfect Acting

By Bruna Nessif Feb 23, 2015 7:35 AMTags

You never know what to expect for Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar special anymore, but tonight was a doozy!

In his famous star-studded, soon-to-be viral video, Kimmel gave viewers a glimpse into The Kimmel School of Perfect Acting, a place where practically every big name in the industry got their start—thanks to the renowned Jim Kimmel.

Student Benedict Cumberbatch states it's "quite simply it's the greatest acting school there ever was or ever will be," while Lupita Nyong'o says "you take it to be pushed."

Pushed, tortured, put down...whatever you wanna call it. For example, Eddie Redmayne gets a water bottle thrown at him because he apparently can't do a British accent correctly. But, there must be a method to his madness, because Mila Kunis calls him a "master."

"Jim makes you face your worst fear, which is usually him," Kristen Bell reveals, while Susan Sarandon tells viewers "he's like a father to me, so much so he told me to call my own father and tell him to f--k off."

Poor Jennifer Aniston was the unfortunate participant in Jim's "distrust fall," in which he did absolutely nothing while she fell backwards and let her kerplunk onto the hard floor. Seriously, it hurt us to watch.

Just don't ask Jim who his favorite student is, because, well, he wouldn't really be able to answer you. "That is a difficult question to answer because I hate them all so very much," he says. Yikes.

Watch the clips to see it all hilariously go down!