Ahmad Givens From Real Chance of Love Dead at Age 33, Brother Pens Touching Tribute: "We Love You Forever"

The rapper and reality star had battled cancer for almost two years and throughout that time, kept his fans updated about his health with a series of funny, moving and inspirational posts and videos

By Corinne Heller Feb 21, 2015 7:10 PMTags
Ahmad GivensTibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Rapper Ahmad Givens, aka Real, star of the VH1 reality dating game show Real Chance of Love, has died at age 33 after battling colon cancer for almost two years.

The news was announced on Saturday by multiple outlets and by his brother and co-star Kamal "Chance" Givens. The two are rappers in the group Stallionaires.

Chance posted a touching tribute to his brother on Instagram.

Real had six days ago posted a photo of the two on his own page, It shows him fist-bumping. Real appears to be laying on a bed.

"Love you to @stallionaireschance bro 4 Eva!" he said.

Real is also survived by two more brothers, his mother, grandmother, his wife of four years, Racquel Givens, and their son.

I love my boy.He just keeps me laughing

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He and Chance appeared together on two seasons of Real Chance of Love, starting in 2008. They had made their reality show debuts on the VH1 dating series I Love New York in 2007 and also starred in Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters in 2010. Real also appeared on the cable network's show I Love Money.

Real had felt ill in January 2013, suffering flu-like symptoms, and was misdiagnosed several times before he was told in March 2013 that he had stage 4 colon cancer. He told UrbanDaily.com in early 2014 that his doctor was too emotional to deliver the news and that another one did so in her place, telling him, "You have about two weeks to live. I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do for you."

Real told the website that his mother was with him at the time and that he had to call his wife and tell her the news, which was the hardest part.

Almost exactly one year ago, he penned a moving tribute to his wife on Instagram, saying, "If it wasn't for this beautiful woman, I don't know where if be or if I would be doing as well as I'm doing."

Hey everyone,I just want to share something personal with you all.This woman in this picture is my wife.Yes I said it,Wife,mother of my son lol.This is my number 1 nurse.If it wasn't for this beautiful woman,I don't know where if be or if I would be doing as well as I'm doing.Of course its ultimately God,but she literally nursed me back to health.She cooks,she cleans,she takes care of our household,she takes care of me and our son,my business,my doctors and she never complains.I know she gets overwhelmed sometimes but she still doesn't complain.I am truly amazed by her.I didn't even realize she was this strong until I got sick.You think you know someone good until you go thru some adversity and you end up seeing a whole other side to someone that you didn't know existed.Well I saw that and see that in her.This is my social media tribute to her because without her,hell,I don't know what or where I would be right now.Now that I'm better,I need her to do her now.I need her to be happy,even tho she is,but still.Now its my turn to take care of her after she has sacrificed so much over the past year.I just want to say I love you babe,Thanks for being the rock in our family since I have been dealing with cancer and I love you.Thank you all for listening to me rant about my wife lol.Love you all and have a good day.

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He underwent chemotherapy and at least two surgeries to remove cancerous cells in his colon and liver. He was also treated for a brain tumor, according to UrbanDaily.com. 

"God was number one and my family was number two," he said. "God just really blessed me with abreast strong support system. I just kept a positive outlook. And on those days when I was down, I didn't let anybody see that because I didn't want them to get down. My son kept me going because I knew he needed me and I needed him so I fought to be here for him."

Last pic from yesterday's game

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Me and my dumb smile messing pics up lol.

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Told Ya Teddy still here lmao

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He often sought comfort by visiting horses. He and his brothers were raised on a ranch in Northern California, where his father bred Arabian horses.

"I needed to get out and be with these peaceful creatures," he said in an Instagram video. "They always make me feel better."

Real often posted updates about his health on Instagram.

My latest from the doctors re today...

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Getting ready to have radiation on my cerebellum.May God bless the doctors and the procedure.

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 In December, he shared a post-operation photo showing him sporting a large vertical scar, or "battle wound," on his torso and stomach.

"I don't let this stuff bring me down," he wrote. "I just roll with the punches."