Oh the tangled web we weave...when we learn how to do hot red carpet braids.

Above par poetry aside, we're not kidding about the hair. For the last few years, braids have ruled the red carpet and aren't showing any sign of giving up their reign. Some people might find all of those twists and turns a little intimidating, but trust us: There are ways to work the trend without breaking a sweat. 

We have it easy though, because our friends at Pantene, along with celebrity hair guru and E! Style Collective member Kim Kimble, showed us how it's done in the above video!

Pantene, BTS

Jenna Williams/E!

Kim is a top-tier hairdresser whose braids have been seen on some of the biggest celebrities out there. If there's anyone to break it down, it's her.

First, Kim didn't even give frizz a chance by starting with Pantene Pro-V Stylers Texturizing Sculpting Wax . A product like this is imperative for most braid styles because it not only helps add texture, it can give hair grip so that shorter pieces have less of a chance of falling out of the weaving. 

Next, the tress tamer helped to pump up the volume with some dry shampoo.

"I'm going to take it section by section," said the stylist. "Hold it up so that it can go through the hair, mainly in the roots because you want to now start creating a little volume."

Now it's time to get to the mane event—the braid. 

Kim took three "healthy" sections of hair from one side of a center-parted look to begin. Then she simply braided just like some of us have done since we were kids. So simple! What made this look elevated was the placement and her next little trick.

Kim took the braid and gave each hub a little tug in order to loosen it up and make it look more intricate.

"Open the braid up," instructed Kim. "Stretch it out, because I don't want it to be too perfect."

"Now, I'm going to add a little spice to this hairstyle," explained the innovator.

Kim then grabbed a color-popping, turquoise and silver hair accessory to really drive the look home. All she did was take it and bobby-pin it to the side-braid.

This hairstyle is truly effortless. All it requires is a little product, a simple braid and some creativity to give you a red carpet look!

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