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Beauty is in the eye of beholder...especially when it comes to celebrity makeup artists.

For our Makeup and Match series, we asked E! Style Collective's beauty pros to create the best makeup looks for specific red carpet-worthy dresses. Why? Because the way you pair makeup with an outfit can oftentimes mean the difference between a pretty look and winning a Best Dressed championship. Everything from the color and silhouette to neckline and fabrics come into play.

Don't let a fashion-beauty disconnect be your style undoing—or at the very least, leave your efforts in vain. Get into the heads of the industry's best and learn how they elevate a look into red carpet-worthy material.

Style Collective, Makeup and Match, Jake Bailey

Who: Jake Bailey
What: Clients include Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Chastain.
Wear: Christian Dior spring couture 2015
Why: While the tea-length, A-line silhouette of this dress emphasizes a sweet, feminine aesthetic, the bold color and intricate design details are more fun and flirty. This dress will attract enough attention that your makeup shouldn't have to do that much more work. 

How: "In designing a makeup look to complement a gown, I'll first take note of the color," said Jake. "This one is a very bright-cobalt blue, so I have to ask myself does this look need more color? I decided the best way to complement this dress is with a fresh peach and rose palette and a strong cat-shaped eye with lots of lashes to balance out the boldness of the dress.

"Begin with a light buffing of pale liquid foundation all over the face and neck to even skin tone. Then line the upper lash line first with a soft black pencil to get the liner into and between the lashes. Smudge the liner with your fingertip or a small brush to create a smokey effect.

"After that, blend a tiny bit of chocolate-hued eyeshadow into the crease and outer corners of the eyelid. Then add a pearlescent peach highlight to the eyelid and lower brow bone for a little warmth and sparkle. Add a couple individual false lashes at the outer corners of each eye and two coats of volumizing mascara. Finish the look with a sharp application of jet-black liquid liner just above the lash line for extra length and definition.

"To warm the complexion and add a healthy glow, mix an apricot cream blush with a dollop of luminizing fluid and blend it lightly onto the apples of the cheeks, blending up and out toward the temples using your fingertips or a small synthetic blush brush. I would finish the look with a rose-hued lip stain and a coat of moisturizing lip balm for shine."

Style Collective, Makeup and Match, Karen Gonzalez

Who: Karen Sarahi Gonzalez
What: Clients include Orange Is the New Black's Jackie Cruz
Wear: Atelier Versace spring couture 2015
Why: This structured stunner has a lot going on: cutouts, intricate pattern and a high neckline. Balance the look with heavier emphasis on the upper half of the face, leaving a more natural look for the lips. The dress is inherently dark and sexy, so Karen drove home the point with sultry-looking eyes. 

How: "I decided to go with an editorial winged look. This will complement the details and cutouts on the dress," said Karen. "Adding that sandy beach beige shadow into the crease will soften the liner and make it more comfortable to wear. Best tip for this liner would be to stick with a gel or liquid. Avoid any eye pencils.

"I then reversed the look onto her under eyes, smudging the light brown and liner together. I topped off the eyes with a brow gel. This will slightly fill and groom the hairs into place with a natural finish.

"For my client's skin, I wanted to avoid anything too powdering or heavy so I went with a water-based foundation. This will even our redness, blemishes and leave the skin fresh. Finished with light bronzing, blush and a skin highlighter. TIP: If you don't have dewy skin, you can fake it with the skin highlighter on the cheekbone, bow of the lip, tip of the nose and any other area that needs a glow.

"Since the eyes were the main focus, I left the lips in a natural pink. Stay along the natural tones and avoid anything dark or colorful when wearing heavy eyes. You don't want the lips to overpower the look."

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