WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Calls Out Diva Nikki Bella—See the Total Divas Deleted Scene!

By Kevin McCarthy Feb 24, 2015 12:36 AMTags
Watch: Daniel Bryan Pokes Fun at Nikki's Excess Shopping

Brie Bella would much rather sip tea with her husband and chat, but when Nikki Bella drops by, it's clear that her sister has other plans in mind.

When Nikki invites her sister to go shopping with her, she's shocked when Brie doesn't seem interested and gives her a hard time!

"When I buy certain things," Nikki says. "I do kind of get this rush. But Brie and Bryan just love giving me a hard time because I don't live a frugal lifestyle like them."

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"I feel like you're the silliest human I know," Daniel adds, catching Nikki by surprise.

Will they be able to persuade Nikki to quit her excessive shopping? Watch the above clip to see her reaction!

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