Starbucks Coffee storefront


Say goodbye to CDs. Forever

OK, so perhaps that's a little dramatic. But this news from Starbucks could mean dark times for the format.

The coffee chain announced to Billboard Magazine today that they're going to stop stocking and selling compact discs. As of late March, you'll no longer be able to purchase the odd Taylor Swift album as you order your vanilla latte. Starbucks had a very long-winded way of explaining the decision, but in short they've realized that people aren't actually consuming CDs the way they used to.

A rep for the Seattle-based company told Billboard that despite the dramatic move, they're aiming to remain music-centric (read: They'll still play good jams in the coffee shops). We don't have any actual estimates on how much this change will hurt album sales for Starbucks-featured artists, but if we had to guess, we would say: a crap ton

And, it's not coming at a very good time. According to Billboard, CDs saw a 15 percent decline in sales in 2014. Ouch. And for our part, we're wondering where we're going to buy new Josh Groban albums going forward.

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