Awkward alert!

All season-long, Becca has been waiting for the right moment to tell Chris Soules that she is a virgin on The Bachelor, and heading into the Top 3, where the infamous fantasy suites come into play, she's still yet to tell him. Which is why the pair's sitdown with a medium during their date in Bali gets super uncomfortable!

In an exclusive sneak peek from Monday's episode of the ABC reality hit, Becca worries that Chris' feelings for her might change after she tells him she's a virgin. "Chris is the type of guy that I would marry," she says. "It would be devastating if my virginity is a deal-breaker for him."

Not helping to ease her worry? The medium of a village in Bali, who Becca asks for advice for the couple's "very important" date later that night.

His answer is so not what she was expecting to hear: "Making love." Whoa!

So how do Chris and Becca react to the blunt advice? Watch our exclusive clip above to find out! And to check out more of Becca and Chris' date, including why she's "feeling temptations," watch our other sneak peeks from the big episode. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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