43 People Who Simply Cannot Deal With the Romance Rumors About Emma Watson and Prince Harry

Harry Potter star reportedly has had "secret dates" with the Prince, and the Internet exploded

By Jenna Mullins Feb 20, 2015 10:01 PMTags
Emma Watson, Prince HarryKarwai Tang/WireImage; Stephen Lock/i-Images/ZUMAPRESS.com

If you were to go on Twitter or any other form of social media and searched "Prince Harry" or "Emma Watson," or heaven forbid, both their names together, the results would basically look like this:

Why? Because there are rumors on the Internet that these two are dating or romantically involved, and fans have collectively lost their chill. Their chill is gone. Gone, we say!

The reports about these so-called "secret dates" may or may not be legitimate, but to shippers of Prince Harry and Emma Watson, it doesn't matter. People have already planned their engagement, wedding, first born child, royal family parties, retirement plan and burial sites. So we're actually more afraid if we find out that these two aren't dating, because these 43 people will probably lose their will to love, to dream and to live:

The Internet isn't just fangirling about their romance; it's also freaking out over the fact that Hermione is finally ending up with a Harry:

Personally, we think Harry and Hermione don't belong together, but that's a debate for another time. For now, we'll get to work on our fan fiction starring Prince Harry, Emma Watson, Kate Middleton and Prince William as one big happy family.

With these two, shipping is easy.